24 Mar 2023 • 09:00 PM–11:00 PM Eastern

Cooper's Bar, Embassy Hotel & Suites

At KEYBOARDS!, host Justin Million encourages attendees to talk amongst themselves so that he might mine their conversations for material for improvisational typewritten poems. He brings no notes, and there is no prep. He has a bell, which he will *DING* when he’s completed a poem, and then recite that poem immediately, without editing, and place that poem on a stool for a willing audience member to take away for a small donation to the “Art Jar”. Justin keeps no copies and takes no pictures of these poems, so the one you pick up off the stool is the only version of that poem.

PLEASE NOTE: This event is limited capacity and not included in Festival Pass access. Please reserve tickets in advance to guarantee admission.

The Poets

Justin Million

Justin Million's first book EJECTA!: The Uncollected KEYBOARDS! Poems is out now with Apt. 9 Press.

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Ejecta: The Uncollected KEYBOARDS! Poems

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